Top 5 Advantages of Off Base Housing San Diego

A PCS is already stressful, but now there's another decision to be made. Now you may be contemplating whether to live on-base or off-base. That decision can get increasingly complicated when the pros and cons seem equal. 

Top 5 Advantages of Off Base Housing San Diego 

We've written recently about the advantages to living on-base in the San Diego area.  However, living off base has some wonderful advantages as well. 

Advantages include saving on rent costs, facilitating location preferences, noise considerations, and choosing school districts. The existence of military clauses in leases can also help you make a more informed decision when it comes to living on or off-base. 

Let's look at the top five advantages to off base housing San Diego and why your family might benefit.

#1: Rent Costs

There isn't any question that most on-base living has major restrictions. Some of them don't allow pecurb_appeal.jpgts, you can't always decorate as you'd like, and rents are usually set at exactly the military BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) rate. 

In San Diego, especially,  beautiful rentals can be found throughout the area and at all price ranges. While rent prices there are sometimes high, you can sometimes find a better rate than you would on a military base. Some military families have even found special rental deals for military members at discounted rates.

#2: Location Preferences

Some military bases are too far from conveniences like favorite stores, restaurants, and even schools. While most on-base communities provide plenty of activities for families, you have to live with what's available. Choosing your own location helps you make better decisions as a family on what you prefer.

Since San Diego is a thriving city, you may prefer a more lively part of the area that has fewer rules. By looking up MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) opportunities here, you can see how many military-operated activities are available without having to live on a base.

#3: Avoid Training Noise

It's true. Living on-base means you'll hear the "sound of Freedom" on a regular basis. The boom of artillery and the chatter of gunfire, depending on your location, may be a very typical part of most days. If you prefer quiet, living off-base is probably better suited for your ears.iStock_000011420674_Large.jpg

Loud noise can be particularly hard on pets when loud jets or helicopters fly over. Living in a more secluded area gives them less anxiety when they spend time outdoors.

#4: Choosing School Districts

Determining the best school district for the kids is nearly always a consideration when PCSing.  Living on-base could become an issue if it's not conveniently located near a public school. It may require you having to transport your children to school five days a week, hence requiring more gas money.

Living off-base, you can choose the school district as well as neighborhood schools within walking distance. Your kids may also want to attend a private school, which may not have availability near an on-base community.

#5: Military Clauses

Living off-base can seem risky since ensuring a military clause is included in the rental lease can seem like quite a chore. However, federal law gives protections against liability if a military member breaks a lease. Additionally, the revised Servicemen's Civil Relief Act allows military connected indivduals out of a lease under certain circumstances, including if the lease was signed before active duty, or while on active duty and then receiving PCS orders.

Regardless of what direction your family chooses, Relobase is here to help. On or off base. 

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