Relocating to San Diego? See if North or South Fits Best.

The location of your assigned installation plays a large role in determining whether Northern or Southern San Diego County is the best option. Regardless of the final choice, all of San Diego County offers innumerable opportunities for fun, beautiful neighborhoods and tight knit communities where there is always plenty to do.

Relocating to San Diego? Is North or South San Diego Better for You?

The local military bases include;

  • Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base- Located in Oceanside, North County. 
  • Marine Corps Air Station Miramar- Located in Miramar only ten miles north of downtown in Central County, offers the advantage of living in both North and South County locations.
  • Naval Base Coronado- Southern coastal and near downtown
  • Naval Base Point Loma- Southern coastal and near downtown 
  • Naval Base San Diego- Southern coastal and near downtown

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

Everyone drives in California and San Diego is no exception. As in most cities and suburbs, slow-moving traffic is a reality so driving long distances on well known commuter paths can be time consuming. The choice between North or South County all comes down to the location of your base.

If assigned to MCB Camp Pendleton, North County is a great option. The base is bordered to the south by the town of Oceanside. Oceanside is the third largest town in the county and offers a fairly busy nightlife coupled with a variety of family friendly activities and areas. If a good craft beer is a must have, there are numerous breweries located in Oceanside that also offer great food. Camp Pendleton can be accessed from Interstate-5 which runs from North to South County. 

Housing near Camp Pendleton 

 Some housing locations to consider near Southern Camp Pendleton include;

  • Oceanside- 2 miles 
  • Vista- 24 miles
  • Fallbrook-16 milesoceanside_civic_center.jpg
  • Carlsbad-19 miles
  • Encinitas-28 miles
  • Downtown San Diego-52 miles

Oceanside is the closest location with 1 Bedroom/1 Bath apartments starting at $950. Homes for sale start at $223,000 for a 3 bedroom/2 bath. If you're looking to invest in a home, consider using your VA loan to get started in this growing market. 

Moving farther east to Fallbrook (16 miles) can save money with rentals starting at $805 for a 1 bedroom/1 bath.  3 bedroom/2 bath homes start under $300,000. This small town has great schools and is known for many events including the Avocado Festival.

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Located in Miramar, this base is only ten miles north of downtown San Diego and is still close to the bottom of North County. Enjoy the quiet of North County, or the attractions near downtown including Balboa Park, Old Town and the famous San Diego Zoo. Enjoy nightlife at the Gas Lamp District, which has a variety of trendy shops, clubs and restaurants. The Miramar Base can be accessed off I-15 at Miramar Way.

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Cities and Housing near Miramar

  Some cities to call home that are close to the base include:

  • Mira Mesa- 4 miles 
  • La Jolla- 10 miles on the coast
  • Poway- 11 miles in North County
  • Pacific Beach- 12 miles on the coastpacific_beach.jpg

Pacific Beach is a trendy beach town with lots of nightlife while La Jolla is one of the most expensive towns in San Diego County. Mira Mesa offers diverse housing options only 4 miles away. The cost of living is cheaper than most of San Diego County with the average home price of $472,000. 

Naval Bases Coronado, Point Loma and San Diego

The Navy Bases are located in the South Bay area and are all close to the vibrant downtown area. Cities to call home include:

  • Downtown San Diego
  • Chula Vista - 10.1 miles to San Diego
  • Pacific Beach - 8.8 miles to San Diego
  • Point Loma - 8.7 miles to San Diego

Chula Vista's average home price looks to be a bargain at $384,000. It has the best climate around the county, which is never too hot or too cold.

Overall the southern part of the county is more convenient to the Navy bases and the downtown area. There is a diverse selection of neighborhoods offering convenience and classic beach town living. At Relobase we're ready to help you determine your best options, on or off base.

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