10 Ways to Keep your Head Over the Holidays


The holidays are around the corner, and everything is coming to a culmination soon in December. Naturally, we all want to stay organized during the festive season despite the many pressures that keep rocking us till we feel we can’t hold any longer. We want to please everyone, the children to experience the holiday magic, and we want everything to go on perfectly. This does not only push our anxieties to the sky but also disrupt our routines and schedules. Similarly, our emotional health, waistlines, and wallets also take a hit. Here are some of the top secrets to you need to start checking to keep this holiday organized.

1. Observe the rule of early preparation

Whether it is buying your gifts or wrapping, writing your to-do list, travel plans, or other holiday plans, make sure they are done early enough. It not only gives you a chance to explore a variety of options but also saves you from unnecessary stress of the last-minute rush.

2. Set expectations

Most people go blindly to a holiday season and end up getting depressed when the season is over. You have your traditions, decorations or travel plans. Take some time with the family to ask, “What do we want out this holiday season?” The answer may surprise you. With expectations beforehand, you can easily bypass disappointments and keep your head sane.

3. Practice moderation

A lot of people take the festive as the time for excess drinking, eating or buying. Though it is the time to have fun there is a need not to over-do. Just be moderate on what you take or buy.

4. Realize that you cannot please everyone

This one is usually hard for many people to do, but easy when you set your expectations. You will have constant pulls in all directions; friends want you at their parties, your relatives are calling, you have a church, school, work and other significant events to go.  At this time you have to realize that you are only one person. Prioritize the events that you feel obligated to attend. Just say “No” to things that will affect you negatively and only participate to what matters most.

5. Take time to prepare your holiday gear

Whether, it’s the cooking stove, meat thermometer, roasting rack, etc. make sure they are all in good condition. If they are new, make sure they are working right. There is nothing that keeps your bile up than going to shop for something on the day of the party. You end up spending more and also fail to catch the joys of the moment.

6. Take breathing breaks

This may sound crazily simple but can be your holiday game changer. Stress causes our blood pressure to rise and our anxiety to spike. Crowd noises, children yells, missing flowers on the table, burnt turkey can make your pressure to start building. At this time, just step aside and practice deep breathing at a quiet place. This does not mean meditation or other complex stuff, just filling your lungs with air and letting it all go. You be amazed how much it reduces your pressure and saves you from breaking point.

7. Take time to enjoy yourself also

Though you are the one running the show, take some time to enjoy yourself also. Don’t slave yourself on the stove or cleaning all day.  Take an hour or two to chat with friends or helping yourself with a glass of wine.

8. Distribute the work

 If you are hosting the holiday dinner or party, taking the full brunt of preparation will be quite overwhelming.  Don’t hesitate to distribute some of the preparation activities to other members of the family, friends or the party goers.

9. Take advantage of technology

Make use of some of the technology resources at your disposal to keep your holiday under control. For instance, Paperless Post saves your many and time by creating your cards online, while Money Clouds helps you to collect funds for your particular events. Others include Tone It Up  and Trello and couple of other you can use to contain holiday madness.

10. Get your holiday exercise on

Taking a jog on the treadmill, a post-dinner walk, or a flag football game is a perfect way to keep your holiday organized and active. Many people tend to hibernate due to the cold weather. However, exercises fuel you to keeping going through your holiday preparation.

Holidays season are the moments we celebrate with family members and loved ones and strengthen our bonds.  Let’s remember to be mindful of what is important and not worry about anything else.