5 Survival Strategies for Long Drives

You never know how long the drive to your new base will be, but you can bet that it's going to take between several hours and several days to drive to your new home. Driving that distance by yourself is bad enough. Driving it while juggling kids, pets, and more can be a recipe for insanity. Preparing a few key survival strategies, however, can help make the drive easier for everyone.

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About to PCS with Kids? 5 free apps designed for military kids.


About to PCS with Kids? 5 Free Apps Designed for Military Kids

A PCS is hard. Packing up, moving across the country, meeting brand new people in a brand new place isn't easy, no matter what the age. However, PCSing as a kid has its own special challenges. Leaving behind classmates, neighborhood friends, familiar parks and towns, to start over in a strange place can create anxiety. We have pulled together what we consider 5 of the best apps to download for your kids. These apps are geared towards helping your littles better understand and thrive in the military lifestyle.  Here are 5 free apps designed to help military kids during this process and beyond:

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In Memory of 9/11

I was 19 years old that September day. I remember sitting in my car outside the humanities building at Montgomery College. On the radio was a local morning show. It was silent except for the murmured "I can't believe this" from the DJ. I remember driving home, looking at the sky as if to spot the next weaponized plane. Terror made my mouth sour and my breath hitch. At the time my grandparents were in New York. Grandpa watched the towers fall. He served in WWII and said he'd never experienced anything like that moment. Many of us remember the reactions of our parents even more than our own. Our sense of safety was in tatters that day. So, we came together. All of us. To share our strength and our love of our country. 

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